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A home is more than lumber, windows, and carpet-- it's selecting the lot, clearing the land, installing the utilities, and on and on throughout the final interior touches. When you build, you want to remember the big picture—not just the structure itself— to ensure you are getting everything you want and staying within your budget guidelines.

Your budget must include the home to be built and everything around it. The lot, the drive way, the taxes and many other factors must be considered when determining what you can afford.

Location, location, location. You've heard it a thousand times, and it's just as important now. Make sure the lot you purchase is perfectly matched to your needs. You'll want to consider factors such as size, shape, and accessibility when making the purchase.

Be informed. Gather all the information you can regarding county and /or township zoning laws and building regulations. Check with your future neighbors, they may tip you off on some hidden problems.

Arrange for a site evaluation. Ask your Nelson Home specialist about soil assessment, surveying and land development--all the things that make a particular lot good or bad. Your purchase offer should be contingent on an acceptable soil boring and percolation test results. Then discuss how your home plans work within your site.

Make an informed value decision. Research the type, style and cost comparisons of the home options available to you. These include: pre-cut, panelized and manufactured homes, and well as the custom-built home. The total cost for these types of homes are surprisingly similar when the factors of labor input, materials and equipment/furnishing are all considered. This is where value of a custom-built Nelson Home really comes into play—you get exactly the home you want, and you don't have to pay expensive design modifications.

Develop a plan to meet your family's requirements. This involves preparing a list of the rooms you'll want in your new home, how those rooms will be used and the items that will most likely be found there. Prioritize the list as to what is necessary and what fits our budget.

Contact a Nelson Home designer. This professional will serve as your project manager from the initial planning stages through interior decoration of your finished home. Work with them closely, let them know all the goals you have for your home and don't be afraid to ask questions!


For the homeowner, the commitment to building a new home can be very demanding. But with the guidance of Nelson Home professionals, the process can be simplified into one successful strategy.

Does the home meet value requirements? The value of your new home is based on whether or not it meets your needs and wants, and if it is durable and affordable.

Is your home a quality home? In this situation, quality is not just one product or one grade of material, but instead, a combination of many factors which provide a desired function.

Does your home provide longevity at a minimal maintenance cost? If your home is built to last, and is relatively inexpensive to maintain, you've made a sound investment and can count on long-term ownership.

Will your home be profitable for you? Over time, no other investments have shown to be more profitable or more consistent than home ownership. If your home is built well and is on a good lot, your investment will provide a rewarding return.


Next to the actual construction, the designing of your new home is the most exciting part of the home-building process. It's where you and your Nelson designer share your ideas, your wishes and your concepts. It's where the idea of the perfect home is spelled out before you; where your dream home becomes a reality. It's at this time when your communication with the designer is most important—your input becomes the designers chief planning guide

Remember—your needs are different from other homeowners, so your home should be different from other homes. When you work with Nelson Lumber & Home, you choose the home you want and the amenities you need. Your home is custom-built to your specifications. With a pre-built home, you are forced to live with someone else's idea of what a home should be.

From your list of ideas, a Nelson Home designer will create preliminary plans, outlining general room arrangements and exterior concepts. For the first time, you'll be able to see your home taking shape.

Final construction plans are prepared, combining your initial concepts with the technical information the builder will need to follow.

Even as construction gets under way, the design process continues. Visual ideas are replaced with three-dimensional structures, and the design may be modified and enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Familiarize yourself with the right products for the design of your home. This selection process combines a balance of affordability, esthetics and durability and consists of literally thousands of products you'll need for your home. But don't be overwhelmed —your Nelson project manager will be there to assist you with the right decisions.


Secure referrals from lenders, Realtors and material suppliers like Nelson Lumber & Home. Select three from this list, and evaluate them according to their homestyle, credibility and reliability. Your Nelson designer can assist you with this evaluation.

Arrange appointments with your chosen contractors to discuss contract options and construction styles, as well as take the time to walk through various completed and under-construction projects. Review labor and material bid with the contractor.

Get to know your contractor on a personal level. You will need to invest considerable trust in this person and you should know them well.


If your present home is not living up to your expections, it may be time to change your living arrangements. Maybe your house is not big enough, or the layout does'nt serve you as well as it used to. Maybe your house is too old, or it's just grown too familiar. Whatever your situation, the professionals at Nelson Lumber & Home can help you determine if you should change your home, or sell and start over entirely.

If you like your neighborhood, enjoy the property and are pleased with your home's general layout, a remodeling project may suit you best.

Compare the value of your home to others in your neighborhood. Upgrading your house can dramatically increase your property values, creating a profitable return on investment. But be sure to talk to a Nelson Home specialist, because the cost of certain home improvement may be difficult to recover.

A structurally sound home can adapt to nearly any renovation project, but remodeling a home that's in poor condition can open you up to a host of costly problems.

When it comes to remodeling, timing is essential. For example, an addition may affect everything from your roof system to your floor coverings. Try to plan big projects for when things like roofing and flooring are due for replacement.

Before any renovation is started, stop by Nelson Lumber & Home, and get your questions answered. Because sometimes selling your home and starting over is the best investment.


Utilize the original plans to your home. With these in hand, a Nelson Home professional can analyze existing conditions and compare them to your required needs. By doing this, you may find out that home reorganizing—not costly expansion—could meet your needs more efficiently.

Develop a priority list of needs and ideas. This will help you and your Nelson designer determine your remodeling goals. Be sure to involve the entire family in creating this list of needs and wants.

Establish a budget. It may not be easy, but knowing the dollar figure you are comfortable with will provide a basis from which your Nelson contractor can work. Make sure you are very specific with what you want so there are no surprises.

If you are unsure of your budget. Show your Nelson Home designer your priority list and ask them to prepare an estimate.

Involve Nelson Lumber & Home in every phase of your remodeling project. Their experitise will not only get your exactly what you are looking for, but will help you avoid problems, saving time and money.